Shaky Shiny Server application when accessing the Drop-down menu

Have anyone encountered such problem?
I have no clue what causes it... it is just normal shiny application which is hosted on Azure.
Other pages of the tab seems to be working perfectly, but this particular page is shaky when changing values from the drop-down menu.

strange that it needs to other to other tabs which do not shake. then coming back to that shaky tab, all is OK now... how to debug this kind of problem.. and it is consistent to produce it.

by shaky you mean that you have UI elements with dynamic sizes so that other elements below them are moved higher or lower ?

please see the video here:
the pull-down menu has no relation to the table on the right, meaning that it does not update that table.
And when I go to other tab which is stable, and comes back to that tab which is initially shaky, all is perfect now. This results is reproducible.

its impossible to tell just from a visual and description.
can you make a reprex ?

when you say reprex, are you referring to the code samples? even with code samples, I do not see how it will help. do you mean reprex in Github?

It's short for reproducible example.
FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners

now all is perfect now, no more shaky screen. What I can conclude is the Azure Server's resources during the period of time when we are accessing it. We can effectively close this case or remove it, since it is not related to RStudio, Thanks.

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it is some Windows display issue, I tested on another notebook, it is perfect.

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@tanthiamhuat Do you mind marking one of your last comments as the solution? (It helps when other search within the community.) Thank you!

Done, RStudio and Shiny Server at perfect tools for statistical tool and visualization. :slight_smile:

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browser issue also. I used the same notebook with issue [using Chrome], and try that in Firefox, Firefox does not have such issue.

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