Several apps in a web page


I made a web page which includes seven shiny apps with a shinydashboard (actually it is the same app with different parameters by URL). But the apps are not displayed correctly, sometimes only the dashboard appears, but no plot output. Sometimes the iframe is just darkened out (e.g. looks like when a reconnect is neceassary). I tried a delayed loading of the iframes (with a timeout of three seconds), but the same result.

When I write the URL parameter to a file on the server side, I see that not all seven calls came through. But if a call comes through then I get my parameters right, but still the output does not appear.

Maybe it is a problem that I'am not using the RStudio Shiny Server Pro?

Thanks in advance


After two days of testing I found a work around. Actually I need mostly static graphics, therefore I generate and show in my shiny app HTML pages rather than output via plotOutput or verbatimTextOutput. The HTML files are located in the www subdirectory of the app where they can be accessed through the shiny server. So I can embed these HTML pages in my web page. In the HTML I embedded a link to the interactive shiny app (after all, who is using seven interactive apps at the same time?).

The embbeded seven HTML files and one interactive app work now without any problems.