Setup Help for converting a series of R Scripts and Functions to a Shiny Dashboard for Sports Data

I've created a series of R Scripts and Functions in order to obtain Baseball data from a variety of sources in order to produce a series of data.frames.

Currently, I scrape data whenever the script is run. I pull stats for the last 14 days, year to date, and last 30 days. Based on that data I have a series of filters that creates data frames based on the observations.

I'd like there to be a dropdown on the sidebar panel to choose the timeframe requested. Either Year to Date, last 14 days, or last 30 days.

Basically something similar to the attached website:

This is the website I currently scrape from.

Is there a best practice for preventing Shiny to have to query the website every time leading to a lag when choosing different timeframes? One idea I thought of would be to run the functions using an Automator and then having Shiny connect to the .rds files left behind.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone with any ideas? Want to ensure I have the setup correct before moving forward.