Setting working directory

Hello, please I am confused about the message that recently began to pop up in my console every time I set my working directory in R Studio. The message is printed below:

Warning message:
Auto-saved .RData file detected. Remove it to enhance reproducibility.

I get this message whenever I set my working directory after starting up R Studio. I found a .RData file in my working directory folder, which I have deleted, but the message keeps popping up. And I also noticed that a script I had run in the past has stopped running. I can't even load the libraries in that script again. All of this recently started. Please as always, I will be grateful for any helpful suggestion on what could be going on. Thanks.

You have "auto save" enabled so in each session your environment gets saved and you get that warning message just because it's considered a bad practice but it is only a warning not an error message.

By the way, manually setting your working directory is also considered a bad practice, when working with RStudio is much better to work with proper Projects and with the here package for non-interactive scripts.

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