Setting Working Directory for knitting versus executing chunks

My question is about the problem of setting working directories for blog posts based on projects where some analysis has been done elsewhere.

I have a GitHub repo here that replicates everything.

The basic problem is outlined and to a certain extent solved here. So the insight about submodules is golden. I regularly have local GitHub repos where I do a ton of recoding, data cleaning and prep and analysis and then I want to move over and write a punchy blog post about something. So Tim's solution is perfect.

I have a hugo website directory with a set up like content/post/external_data/submodule (as per Tim's advice) and I clone the main project repo into submodule.

Following Tim's advice, in the Rmd file, I set the working directory with root.dir to be External_Data/Submodule and then call an R script to import data in External_Data/Submodule/R_Scripts/1_data_import.R
When I knit the RMarkdown file, using Tim's set up, everything works perfectly (Clone the repo, open Blog_Post/Test.Rmd and knit to see, or see the attached screenshot).

That Rmd file imports a csv file in data subfolder, stores it as dat and then glimpses it. So far so good....

But the problem is, to make this really work, I need to be able to execute that pre-existing data import scripts in the RMarkdown document chunk by chunk so that I can then fool around with the data and make the graphs and analyses I want for the blog post.

But I cannot get find a way to execute the chunks in the RMarkdown file one -by-one .

I hope I have explained myself here, if someone were to take a moment and clone the repo and knit the document and then try to execute the chunk sourcing the data import script, you should see what I mean.

Thanks for any help.

No takers on this one?

Are you referring to RSTUDIO IDE feature of interactively running chunks ?
Which version do you have ?

Can you try this example

title: "Test"
output: md_document
  chunk_output_type: inline

```{r setup}
knitr::opts_knit$set(root.dir = tempdir())


Running interactively the second chunk after the first one seems to correctly change the working directory.

My setting is

I am using latest daily 2023.3.0.323

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