Setting working directories with multiple users

Hopefully an easy fix - I want to set my working directory so that the personal user doesn't have to be changed when others are working - in below example, gracehe is my computer, but would like my colleagues to be able to knit the file as well.

setwd("C:/Users/gracehe/Box/Linear Growth/")

report_date <- Sys.Date()

So I assume all the users are working on the same computer?
In this case just create and use a folder that is accessible by everyone, e.g. C:\R-Scripts\Linear growth
In a business environment the system administrator may need to help so everyone can read from (and write into?) this folder.

If you want to develop the script and other users should be able to run this on their computers, then a project is usually a good idea, as the paths are used relative to where the project resides. Here the subfolders "Inputs" and "Outputs" might then be useful.

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