Setting up log files for RStudio Server Open Source Edition?

I have been having some problems with my RStudio Server installation. I found some information on where the log files are here:

And some information on how to configure the logs here:

But both of these instructions are specifically for the RStudio Server Pro (or Workbench). I am using the free Open Source Edition. I am wondering if logging is only available for the paid version? Or is it also available in the Open Source Edition?

In short:
Can you have log files for the free RStudio Server installation?

Does anyone know?

So, I was able to verify that logging is NOT availble in the Open Source Edition.

Logging is enabled in the /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf file, and the following documentation lists which options are 'PRO' and which are not (see the PRO tag on certain settings).

All logging (stderr, metrics etc) are PRO only.

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