setting tags on connect using the connectapi package

I am trying to set tags programmatically on Posit Connect using the connectapi package, but cant figure out the right arguments to pass to set_content_tags

# by default connect selects api and server from environment variables
rsc <- connectapi::connect()

# get existing tags on connect, either as df or as list
df_tags_connect <- 
  rsc %>% get_tag_data()

ls_tags_connect <- 
  rsc %>% get_tags()

# select tags i want to set on a given object on connect
tags_etl_prod <- 
  ls_tags_connect %>% 
  filter_tag_tree_id(ids = "16")
#Posit Connect Tag Tree (filtered)
#└── Vertrieb
#  └── ETL
#    └── ETL-production

rsc %>% 
  connectapi::content_item("5ae2b667-3073-46aa-a663-179c4cf463c1") %>%

#Error in set_content_tag_tree(., tags_etl_prod) : 
# cannot assign a category to an app. Please specify an additional tag level

 # it works if I doit it manually 
  path = glue::glue("v1/content/5ae2b667-3073-46aa-a663-179c4cf463c1/tags"),
  body = list(
    tag_id = as.character(31)

What does set_content_tags expect?

Found some instructions on an article connectapi Tags • connectapi

rsc %>% 
  connectapi::content_item("5ae2b667-3073-46aa-a663-179c4cf463c1") %>%

rsc %>% 
  connectapi::content_item("5ae2b667-3073-46aa-a663-179c4cf463c1") %>%
  set_content_tag_tree("Vertrieb", "ETL")

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