Setting size of code block and output in Quarto presentation selected slides

I would like to increase the size of code block (avoiding horizontal slider) but for only a particular slide (not for all of them) in Quarto presentation.
I want to increase width in order not to use horizontal slider, because I have got enough space to the right (1).
I want to scale up output as well, because it looks a bit tiny on my screen and I have got a place for it to the right side and downwards as well (2).

I have read this and other tutorials, but still need help with it:

In that SO reply the three colons structure is used. When do I place it ? Should I place it outside code chunk or inside it ? Before that particular slide that I am going to tweak or just right under the YAML header ?

I included reprex code below:

title: "Flex"
    slideNumber: true
    self-contained: true
editor: visual
  echo: true
  include: true
  output: true


Reprex code below:

#| label: my_chunk_1 - defining M.
#| output-location: column-fragment


M <- as.table(rbind(c(762, 327, 468), c(484, 239, 477)))
dimnames(M) <- list(
  gender = c("F", "M"),
  party = c("Democrat", "Independent", "Republican"))



#| label: my_chunk_2 - showing M.
#| output-location: column-fragment
M <- 



#| label: my_chunk_3 - uncounting M.
#| output-location: column-fragment

M <- M |> uncount(Freq)



#| label: my_chunk_4 - defining f.
#| output-location: column-fragment

f <- ftable(M,
            row.vars = "gender",
            col.vars = c("party"))

ftable_to_flextable <- function( x ){

  row.vars = attr( x, "row.vars" )
  col.vars = attr( x, "col.vars" )
  rows <- rev( expand.grid( rev(row.vars), stringsAsFactors = FALSE ) )
  cols <- rev(expand.grid( rev(col.vars), stringsAsFactors = FALSE ))

  xmat <- as.matrix(x)
  cols$col_keys = dimnames(xmat)[[2]]
  xdata <- cbind(
    data.frame(rows, stringsAsFactors = FALSE),
    data.frame(xmat, stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
  names(xdata) <- c(names(row.vars), cols$col_keys)

  ft <- flextable(xdata)
  ft <- set_header_df(ft, cols)
  ft <- theme_booktabs(ft)
  ft <- merge_v(ft, j = names(row.vars))



#| label: my_chunk_5_ftable_to_flextable
#| tbl-cap: Description of my flextable
#| output-location: column-fragment

final <- ftable(M) %>% ftable_to_flextable()


Here above, my code output is placed to the right side in column layout, but in default option for Quarto when output is placed down below the code, there is no space between output and code and it looks a bit squashed. How to increase distance between code and output in such a case ?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you very much indeed in advance.

Still trying find a solution, but I have found that alt+click resize the output for better visibility, but maybe it could be done as well with a code ?

You need to use CSS probably to make some adjustment in margins between your elements.

  • Use browser inspector to see which CSS applies to your element
  • Learn about CSS and how to add some margin style (or padding or else)
  • Apply CSS using a file, or the themeing system

Content overflow in revealjs can be useful too: Quarto - Revealjs

Revealjs sizing is not easy - you can't put too much content in it. We think we have good default, but sometimes it does not fit. We have set echo: false the default for this purpose for example.

Is it possible to do it with that three colons ":::" structure or that serves another purpose ?

The ::: will act as a Div for contents, and you can apply id classes and attributes on it. So it can help you target some content with CSS yes.

Sometimes I can observe three colons, four colons and sometimes five colons. For example three colons are included in fours colons, what does it do I mean structuring like this ? Is that syntax and CSS and Html fully allowed in RStudio's Quarto files ?

This is the Divs Syntax in Pandoc's Markdown - See Quarto – Markdown Basics

The number of colons are just visual indicator for opening and closing match.

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