Setting RSTUDIO_WHICH_R fails to find

I am using RSTUDIO_WHICH_R to specify my R executable (which happens to be in a conda environment) but RStudio fails to run it, saying it can't find

Running that same executable directly works fine.

Old versions of RStudio (1.4.x) work fine.

The latest version of RStudio fails. I can't even set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to say where is, because RStudio now seems to throw away that variable.

If you’re on Ventura, there are related problems, and conda seems more difficult in general to get right. I. Going to try a dev version next for my Ventura.

This is a regression introduced in RStudio 2022.12.0+353 (Elsbeth Geranium).
The previous version 2022.07.2.576 works fine.

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