Setting RStudio Preferences programmatically (e.g. in a Dockerfile)


I am working from Docker image databricksruntime/rbase:10.4-LTS which contains RStudio and works nicely. Thank-you for a great experience!

  1. Is it possible to programmatically set RStudio preference settings in a Dockerfile setting based on databricksruntime/rbase:10.4-LTS ?

    • For example, viewing line numbers, enabling/disabling rainbow parens, code completion options, and other (most of the) preference settings in Edit > Preferences ?
  2. The existing Emacs keybindings in Edit > Preferences > Code > Editing > Keybindings > Emacs are great!

    • Is it possible to enable more Emacs keybindings? Specifically, under Top (GNU Emacs Manual)
      • window selection toggles (see Change-Window.html ) and
      • window recentering (see Recentering.html )


P.S. I would have mad the emacs manual actual hyperlinks, but the UI enforces a 2 links maximum.

Posting a reply so the issue isn't automatically closed after 3w from orig posting date. I'm still interested in this.

I'm interested in this as well!

This is an interesting question and I'm interested in any official answer.

One thought is if it's possible to simply take a local profile file with the settings you want and copy it into the Docker container upon creation with a COPY command in the Dockerfile.

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