Setting path to images in a golem based shiny app

In a golem based shiny app, how do you specify path to files/images if they are used in several module servers? I understand that the app_ui.R has a function golem_add_external_resources that takes care of these files in the www folder. For instance, I can do "www/logo.png" in app_ui.R and it successfully reads the logo file. But what if I want to use images in app_server.R? For example, I have a plot created with ggplot2 in a module server. This plot uses several images. All of these images are in www folder. But simply reading them as www/myImage.png does not work inside a module server. But here::here("inst/app/www/myImage.png") works locally. However, the here::here approach fails in a deployed app. Any ideas how to read images inside module servers?

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