Setting limits for a coord_polar

Currently, the control of the polar axis (theta) is limited:

  • The alignment of the axis is set by the coord_polar(start = ) argument.
  • The "range" is defined from the underlying data / geoms / etc.

However, it would be nice to be able to also allow for plotting only plot part of the polar axis.

Some examples (in bold what cannot yet be done):

1. Half plot

  • theta range (in scale units): (0, 60)
  • start = 0
  • theta limit (in radians): (0, pi)

I assume this is not possible...?

2. Horizon plot

  • theta range (in scale units): (-10, 100)
  • start = 0
  • *theta limit (in radians): (325, 35)pi/180)



your best bet for a feature request is possibly this venue :
Issues · tidyverse/ggplot2 (

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