Setting environmental variables with Sys.setenv()

Hi, I am reading R code and I see that therre is a Sys.setenv(""OPENMS_DISABLE_USAGE_STATISTICS"="ON"). What does this mean?

Looks like something specific to OpenMS:
"-- Collection of usage statistics and update notifications enabled.
-- If you don't want this information to be transmitted to our update
sever, you can:
-- - Switch the build variable ENABLE_USAGE_STATISTICS to OFF to remove
the functionality at build time.
-- - Set the environment variable OPENMS_DISABLE_USAGE_STATISTICS to
disable the functionality at runtime."

But, what is the purpose of trying to set this environmental variable?

What library are you loading? Is it the python library that @pedram linked to? It's much easier to answer questions about code with code, so if you could include a link to the package(s) you're using, and a reprex (short for reproducible example), that would help us help you.

If you've never heard of a reprex before, you might want to start by reading the help page.


The only library I am loading is "shiny": below is the code

Where did this code come from? Unfortunately it doesn't look like any of us can tell you why that code was put there without greater context.