Setting default version of R to be used by R Studio desktop

Is there a way to set the default version of R used by R studio desktop (2022.12.0+353)? It seems like when a new user launches Rstudio they are always prompted to select the version of R they wish to use. This only appears to happen on the first launch. I worry that this prompt may confuse some of our users.

I have tried to set it, as admin via tools > global options. However, if I launch R studio as another user who has not yet opened the software they receive the prompt to select the version of R.

I have another machine that is running rstudio desktop 2022.07.0+548 and if I look at the global options on that machine the R version text box displays a [DEFAULT] along with the [64bit] C:\etc... Is this something that changed with the new release? Or is there a setting I can configure to do the same in for version 2022.12?

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