Setting Decimal Accuracy in gtExtras Bar Plots


I am trying to change the accuracy of the numbers in gt_plt_bar scale_type = "number" to an accuracy of .01. The documentation states: "then the numbers in the plotted column will be added as a bar-label and formatted according to scales::label_percent() or scales::label_number()"

Where/how do I do this?


gt_plt_bar_tab <- mtcars %>%
  head() %>%
  gt() %>%
  gt_plt_bar(column = wt, keep_column = TRUE, scale_type = "number")


Hi @contrivedcorridors. You can do this by adding an argument for accuracy.

gt_plt_bar(column = wt, keep_column = TRUE, scale_type = "number", accuracy = 0.01)
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thanks @scottyd22 - I greatly appreciate it.

I looked at the source code

label = if (scale_type == "number") {
} else if (scale_type == "percent") {

Thanks to your answer I interpreted that it passes the arguments provided after scale_type = "number" to scales::label_number. The ... is a placeholder for additional arguments passed to gt_plt_bar().

I'll definitely be able to apply that in the future.

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