setLastWriteTime pollute logs with errors when project on network drive

When we create rstudio project on network share (there are windows network drives) server logs are polluted by entries like:

dd mmm yyyy hh:mm:ss [rserver-monitor] ERROR dd mmm yyyy hh:mm:ss [rsession-user] ERROR system error 1 (Operation not permitted) [path: /mnt/x/y/.Rproj.user/shared/users/a068ebfb.lock]
OCCURRED AT void rstudio::core::FilePath::setLastWriteTime(time_t) const src/cpp/shared_core/FilePath.cpp:1290; LOGGED FROM: void rstudio::core::FilePath::setLastWriteTime(time_t) const src/cpp/shared_core/FilePath.cpp:1290

and second path: .Rproj.user/30F3FFFC/sources/s-a068ebfb/lock_file

These entries appear every 10-20 seconds, making the logs completely useless.

Any ideas what to do with this?

Rstudio Server Pro on Centos 7.

I made an account to say I have the same issue using CentOS. I think it's that rstudio::core::FilePath::setLastWriteTime can't modify the time on a CIFS drive. I have no solution but will watch this thread with interest.

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