Set up rstudio server in a node inside cluster

Hi all,

I usually login to a local cluster at the University with ssh, once in the frontend I use

rsh ubuntu-node10

to access a particular node, so I don't send all the work in the frontend (I have the latest R from cran installed there too). I installed rstudio server in this node. How can I login to that node? I see the instructions would connect to the frontend but I don't have the rstudio server installed there and I need to work in one of the nodes (were the CPUs are newer than in the frontend). Is it possible to 'pipe' and connect directly to node10

Edited to add, is there a way to start rstudio server from the terminal at node10?

Thanks for your help!

This is something that you will likely need to discuss with your local admins to determine what their policies allow. Most of the time cluster nodes will not be accessible from anywhere other than the login nodes.

It may be possible to accomplish this via some complicated setup using port forwarding via ssh or something similar but this is likely just circumventing policies that your sysadmins have put in place for a reason.

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