Set Rmd chunk output type per project (i.e. in the `*.Rproj` config file)

Hi everyone,

I was playing around with the awesome new Visual R Markdown features that the RStudio 1.4 preview releases introduce when I noticed that the editor options which adjust the canonical Markdown generation can either be set

  • per file, e.g.

        wrap: 160
          location: section
        canonical: true
  • or per project in the usual PROJECTNAME.Rproj file, e.g.

    MarkdownWrap: Column
    MarkdownWrapAtColumn: 160
    MarkdownReferences: Section
    MarkdownCanonical: Yes

That's really great. But now I'm wondering if it's possible to also set the chunk output type option per project (i.e. in the .Rproj file).

I often end up putting this in the Rmd front matter (since inline output is just confusing in most situations and also differs in evaluation context):

  chunk_output_type: console

I'd really like to be able to set this on a per-project basis, but couldn't find any information regarding whether this is already supported or not (key in the .Rproj file should be named something like ChunkOutputType). Since there's no entry for it in the GUI under Project Options…, only the Show output inline for all R Markdown documents toggle under Global Options…, I guess this is not supported (yet)...?

Or did I miss something?


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