Set incProgress() automatically on shiny?

Hello, I'm really struggling to understand how to increment the progress bar using withProgress(). How do I get the exactely time needed to complete my task and sync it to the bar progress?

Consider this example on exporting a SVM Model, it may take a while, how do I set the incprogress ? Actually its stucking at more or less 10% of its size and then it closes when the task is finished.

output$download_SV <- downloadHandler(
                filename = function() {
                content = function(fname) {
                  withProgress(message = 'Exporting model, please wait ...', {
                  saveRDS(fit_SV(), fname)

You can try to break it up a little bit.

  message = 'Exporting model, please wait ...', 
    incProgress(0.5, "fitting model")
    model <- fit_SV()

    incProgress(0.5, "saving model")
    saveRDS(model, fname)

I'm guessing it's fitting the model that takes a while. Saving the file to an RDS file should be quick. If there is any way to allow for fit_SV to call setProgress, it might help out what is going on within the model fitting process.

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