Session Aborted when using Parsnip

Hi community!

I am working on a project in which I have been using Parsnip (tidymodels) to fit multiple models. I've created a number of models already using parsnip with no issues (except of course those related to model parameters, which is to be expected), but now I'm trying to apply a previously created model workflow to new data. Everytime I attempt to run this, I get the dreaded "R Studio Aborted" bomb message and no warnings/errors that I can work from.

I don't have a ton of reproducible code (I can provide if no one has a straight up answer, but I can't share the data) but here's the code that crashes when I try to refit the model to new data that contains the same parameters (just different patients) as the previous data. It's also cleaned in the same way (we use smote, centering, imputing, scaling etc in both).

final_model_all <- rf_both_workflow %>% fit(AD_RISK_new)

Anyone had similar issues?? I've tried running with different syntax, restarting and reinstalling R and R studio, updating all of my packages, and nothing has changed it. Help!!!

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