Server Issue- site rendering locally

I am using RStudio to code a website that contains htmls. To navigate between html pages I am using a site.yml. When I knit the site I can switch between tabs and the htmls appear as they should. Once the site is deployed to [shinyapps . io] the page that opens is the index (Home), then when I switch to any other tab(About, Election Maps) in the navbar the only thing displayed is "Not Found".

The version of rmarkdown that I have is 2.24. My folder is arranged where the _site.yml is in the main folder and in the subfolder "_site" contains the htmls. My data sources(csv) are in both the main folder and the subfolder.

My code in the site.yml:

name: "my-website"
title: "Mae's Site"

  • text: "Home"
    href: index.html
  • text: "About"
    href: about.html
  • text: "Election Maps"
    href: election.html
    theme: cosmo
    highlight: textmate
    after_body: footer.html
    css: styles.css

Since my site renders locally, I believe there is an issue with my server.
Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!