Server function is not recognised(SOLVED)

Hi all,

Chances are that i am doing something really silly here, but by looking at it more and more just makes it worse to find the bug...

So, i have an app.R file with the ui and server defined as you can see in the 2 screenshots. Then i just run it and the sever functions is not recognised at all...I can't provide the whole script because it is really huge, but i provide the start & end pieces of ui & server functions. If you already know what might be the problem or you have an idea, please let me know...or otherwise i will continue chasing my tail here...:slight_smile:



My guess is you have a misplaced brace somewhere. You can start by selecting all your code and hitting Ctrl+i to auto-indent, and also look near the line numbers for diagnostics from RStudio.

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Thanks @jcheng ! As i say in the edited title, i have solved! Actullay i had2 identical variable names within the server ...