Server function cannot find functions in R/

I have a package with a shiny app. The "R" folder holds functions that get (through API call) and clean the dataset passed into the app. The server and ui functions are inside a different folder "inst/app". The "R" folder also holds functions that are called inside reactive expressions from within the server function.

It is these last functions that are not found when the app is run, causing the app to quit.

The error is
Warning: Error in function_name: could not find function "function_name"

  • I have tried exporting them and this works but I would prefer not making them available to the users.
  • I have tried putting these functions in the app folder along with server and ui functions. This does not work and I would prefer to keep them in R folder for documentation purposes.
  • For similar reasons I would prefer not to define them in the server.R file although I am almost sure that this would work.

I feel like this issue should be really simple. What could I be missing?
Why are these functions, that are there, not available to the server.R file and server function?
What other information can I give that might help you help me?

Thank you in advance

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