Sentiment Package for sentiment analysis

I hope to do some sentiment analysis. However, sentiment package is no longer available. Where can I install sentiment package for the newest version of R?

Take a look here for possible alternatives -
Which package are you trying to install and what error are you getting?

#> Warning: package 'sentiment' is not available (for R version 3.5.3)

I think you should check

The sentiment package is not available for your version of R. If you go to look for the package on CRAN, you'll see the following;

You can find the archived versions, as mentioned, here. I wouldn't count on it working, though, as it's seven years, and many R-versions old.

However, as @mishabalyasin pointed to, there is a task view for Natural Language Processing that includes several packages that are actively maintained that do sentiment analysis (see the link from @rafaelmenmell for a nice intro to doing sentiment analysis with tidytext).

The following are packages in the task view that contain the word sentiment, but there are certainly more packages that accomplish the same/similar things.

  • tidytext provides means for text mining for word processing and sentiment analysis using dplyr, ggplot2, and other tidy tools.
  • mscstexta4r provides an interface to the Microsoft Cognitive Services Text Analytics API and can be used to perform sentiment analysis, topic detection, language detection, and key phrase extraction.
  • textir is a suite of tools for text and sentiment mining

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