Sentiment dictionary lexicon for different languages

Hello, I would like to make the following code work for Spanish and Portuguese :

Get a French sentiment dictionary lexicon with positive/negative terms, negators, amplifiers and deamplifiers

polarity_terms <- rename(FEEL_fr, term = x, polarity = y)
polarity_negators <- subset(valShifters$valence_fr, t == 1)$x
polarity_amplifiers <- subset(valShifters$valence_fr, t == 2)$x
polarity_deamplifiers <- subset(valShifters$valence_fr, t == 3)$x

I struggle finding equivalents for these languages and don't really understand how I am supposed to recode polarity_terms, polarity_negators, polarity_amplifiers, polarity_deamplifiers

Thank you in advance if anyone can help!!

Hi, I didn't understand the issue exactly. Can you provide more details?

if you want to have the same variables for Spanish language, you can create the vector of factors using:
polarity_negators = as.factor( c("no son", "no pueden", "no podrían" ) )

And the datatable using:
polarity_deamplifiers = data.table::data.table(term= c("no son", "no pueden", "no podrían" ), polarity = c(-1,-1,-1))

Hi ! Thank you for your response !

The example given is for French and I would like to adapt it to Spanish. I am following the code of this page :

It is my first time using R so I don't understand much. I am struggling in finding the lexicons I should use in order to follow the same code as the example and have polarity_terms, polarity_negators, polarity_amplifiers, polarity_deamplifiers properly coded to move on to the next step.

I only found sentiment dictionaries for Spanish (only positive or negative terms) without the other factors. Do you have any idea how I should more from here ?

thank you in advance !

Hi, unfortunately I don't understand Spanish, my first search for negation words and amplifiers didn't lead to anything. Maybe someone who understands Spanish will find something useful on Spanish repositories.
For instance, a way to do this is to create them from scratch. If you understand Spanish you can create them manually. Otherwise you can save the English or French versions to a file and then translate them (not a good solution for important projects, but can be useful for a first version and to not stay blocked at this stage).

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Thank you very for your time and your help!!

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