Sentiment analysis in other languages

Does anyone know where I could find dictionaries or Text Mining packages for languages other than English?
I cannot believe R is restricted to English!

R is a tool, it's not restricted to anything.

The package you are using for sentiment analysis might have only English, but then it's up to you to find a different package that allows you to do that in a required language. Oftentimes you can use approach taken in English to adapt it to your language of choice. Which package are you using at the moment?

spaCy is a good option if you need support for many languages. You can use it directly through reticulate, or through the spacyr wrapper created by kbenoit and amatsuo.

Thank you but maybe my question was not clear. I already have R project working with English data with a connection to SentimentAnalysis package to analyse sentiment:

# comment is my variable with comments from respondents

# source is my data frame
negative_sentiments <- if_else(((tmresult$NegativityGI>0 & tmresult$NegativityHE>0 & tmresult$NegativityLM>0)
                                | str_detect(source$comment, regex("don.?t\\slike|issue|bad", ignore_case = TRUE))) & !str_detect(source$comment, regex("reasonable", ignore_case = TRUE)),1,0)
positive_sentiments <- if_else(((tmresult$PositivityGI>0 & tmresult$PositivityHE>0 & tmresult$PositivityLM>0)
                                | str_detect(source$comment, regex("benefit|like", ignore_case = TRUE))) & !str_detect(source$comment, regex("bad|more", ignore_case = TRUE)),1,0)
neutral_sentiments <- if_else(((tmresult$SentimentGI==0 & tmresult$SentimentHE==0 & tmresult$SentimentLM==0)), 1, 0)

Now, I need to replicate that for French, Dutch, German etc. So I need a list of words which are negative and positive in each of these languages (English lists are included in the DictionaryGI but perhaps other languages are in other packages).

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