SensoMineR - JAR

I'd like to perform a penalty analysis with JAR function of the package SensoMiner.
I used a data frame with 4 columns. Results of JAR scale in the first one, Consumers in the second one, liking score in the third and product in the fourth.
I used the following script
Data_Penalty_JAR<-JAR(Penalty_JAR, col.p=4, col.j=2, col.pref=3, jarlevel = "JAR")
It returns the following error message
Error in Frequency[, j] <- unlist(lapply(lapply(x[x[, col.p] == levels(x[, :
number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
And I don't know how I can correct the script.
Does someone know ?
Thank you very much

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