Sensitivity analysis of an equation in R language

I have the equation,

Y = A*B*C/(D*E)

Where A, B, C, D and E are the certain parameters of 1000 samples (say groundwater samples).

A => lognormal distribution = {min = 10, max=50, mean=30}
B => Triangular distribution = {min=5, max = 25, mode = 22}
C => Beta distribution = {min=0.02,max=2.26,alpha=0.657,beta=0.86}
D => Weibull distribution = {location=0, scale=0.06, shape=0.946}
E => gamma distribution = {location=0.03,scale=0.18,shape=1.164}

I want to perform sensitivity analysis using Sobol index in R language.

Could you please help me here.

Hi, and welcome!

Take a look at the sensitivity package


I have checked it, but Trying understand how can I input the variables with distribution type and the related parameters.

Could you please help me with an example.

I am struggling here.


Could you post a reproducible example, called a reprex ?

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