Send reports to unregistered users.


In the company we want to send the reports generated by RMarkDown to users not registered in Rstudio. However, it only allows sending them to registered users. Is there any way to configure that.


Howdy @apalacio ! This is a great question!!

It depends what you're shooting to do:

  • You can send emails to "unlicensed" users (users who have never visited Connect), however, they do have to be "registered" / exist within the Connect system. The way to do this is by creating the users using the RStudio Connect Server API (or the connectapi package). Generally, these users should exist within your authentication system / etc. and there will be links that could bring them back to Connect, so they could login, etc.

  • To send emails to users who are not in your authentication system and would never be able to access the server, or are not "registered" / created within Connect, you would need to use a lower-level package / interface. The way most people do this is to use the blastula package to generate the email and send it directly to an SMTP server (rather than using Connect's "auto-send" features). You can run such custom code within Connect - you would just not be using Connect's mechanism for sending emails. There is a good article on the topic here:

I hope that's helpful, even if quite delayed :sweat_smile: