SEND HELP: Warning: `data_frame()` is deprecated as of tibble 1.1.0.

Dear all,

a fellow student and I have to work on an end of semster forecasting project regarding housing prices. After we finished almost the whole paper, we have a problem now:


Warning: data_frame() is deprecated as of tibble 1.1.0.

Please use tibble() instead.

This warning is displayed once every 8 hours.

Call lifecycle::last_warnings() to see where this warning was generated.

# A tibble: 1 x 10

class min Q1 median Q3 max mean sd n missing


1 numeric 19703. 128540. 168934. 219971. 505151. 177047. 65623. 875 0

favstats(~ price, data = train)

min Q1 median Q3 max mean sd n missing

34900 129000 159900 207500 410000 174293 66437 1980 0

write.csv2(lm.predict, file = ....

Can anybody help us out here? We are R-Studio beginners and have no clue what to do now??!!

Please send help! We have to hand in the paper this weekend.

Kind regards! :smiley:


Hi @Johannes1406,
Welcome to the RStudio Community Forum.

Those messages are R warnings not errors so the results (output) should be fine. In future, simply replace your use of the function data_frame() with tibble() and the warnings should not appear.
If the warnings are generated by calling a package and not your own code, then you need to check whether the package has a newer version on CRAN than the one you are using - the newer version will, hopefully, have fixed this (but no guarantees).


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