Selectize doesnt work properly in shiny for python

The function ui.input_selectize doesnt work as expected when you use multiple=FALSE and selected=None.
If multiple=FALSE the first option is every time selected, doesnt matter the input to selected parameter.
is possible to simulate this in Shiny for Python by deleting the argument multiple and rerunning the example

If you want single selection with no default selection then you can use multiple = TRUE and set maxOptions to 1

The ideia is correct but the parameter is maxItens not maxOptions

No, items relates to the maximums it will show you to choose from in the dropdown

From the selectize documentation
maxOptions The max number of items to render at once in the dropdown list of options.
maxItems The max number of items the user can select. 1 makes the control mono-selection, null allows an unlimited number of items.

Alright, i stand corrected.