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DATAFRAME <- data.frame(i = c(sample(1:30000)),
P = c(sample(LETTERS[1:21], 10, replace = T)),
D = as.Date("31/05/2021", format="%d/%m/%Y"),
e = c(sample(c("a","b","c"),size=100,replace = T,prob=c(0.6,0.3,0.1))),
C= c(sample(LETTERS[1:21], 10, replace = T)),
k = c(sample(1:120)),
F =c(sample(1:5)),
o = c(sample(1:30000)),
t = c(sample(1:30000)),
t = c(sample(1:30000)),
L = c(sample(LETTERS[1:21], 10, replace = T))) %>%
mutate(S= paste(one, two, three, sep = ""))


You can replace the numbers, large the DF of the code if it is necessary.

Thank you

What is the rule behind the recommendation? If there is no rule at all, you can just output 12 per ID with a data.table:

dt <-
dt[dt[, .I[1:12], id]$V1][, .(id, SKU)]
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Thank you very much

Thanks a lot if you can help me with more alternatives.

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