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I am having some difficulties with selectInput. I can't find a way (neither by trying or on the Forum), which when selected keeps the entries in the foreground. If I have more than two entries they end up behind the tabpanel. I could just make a longer box, what would cause a limitation to the entries and not look very good, so I would like to avoid that.

Thanks if anybody can help and thanks for reading!
Also sorry if the question has already been answered and I overlooked it.

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Hello, in terms of CSS, the way things render in front or behind is based on z-index property, so its the kind of thing that could be adjusted by style tag. either generally as a css rule in your style sheet for all elements of a certain type, or by a style tag on some shiny UI, to adjust only that.

Rather than try to push the selectize stuff forward, I have a suspicion it would be easier to move the tabpanel a little back.

Thanks a lot! I'll give it a shot :slight_smile:

Knowing what to look for I found the exact code needed. Will leave that here in case somebody else has the same problem and lands here.

So on the given page (in this case the Dashboardpage) I added the following line:

tags$div(tags$style(HTML( ".selectize-dropdown, .selectize-dropdown.form-control{z-index:1000;}"))),

Hope this can help further people with this problem :slight_smile:

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