See the result of user filtering on an underlying data set in shiny

I believe there is a way when debugging a shiny app to see what the data contains when a user filters underlying data and then that filtered data is used for some other operation in the app.

In this case, a reactive--filtered()--is being created by taking underlying data and filtering it based on user inputs. filtered() is then used as the underlying data for a plot and tooltip. I'd like to check and see what the content of filtered() is after user input and before it is used for plotting, etc.

Anyone know or have a link? Thanks!

You can find some excellent documentation on debugging shiny applications on the official shiny documentation portal, in particular the Debugging Shiny Applications article below. My general approach is to add a browser() statement in any plot output code or other reactives that depend on filtered() to inspect its contents within RStudio.

Thanks! Yes, I forgot about browser(). There was another method that I remembered seeing, but can't put my finger on it. Bu this will work for now.