Searching for DESCRIPTION fields in GitHub

I'm trying to see if there are any other R packages that include reticulate in the Imports and Suggests fields from the DESCRIPTION file. In the past, I've been using the GitHub search box to look for functions (for ex. system()) that are used in R packages this way: org:cran system. This would look for all instances of system() used in CRAN packages.

What's the GitHub search phrase that I should use to look for instances of reticulate in the Imports and Suggests fields from the DESCRIPTION file inside CRAN / non-CRAN (GitHub only) R packages?

I am not sure if you can search exactly for this, but I would go to Advanced search: and then write DESCRIPTION in the "With this file name" field.

Btw. for CRAN packages, there are easier ways to query the packages that use reticulate:

pkgcache::meta_cache_revdeps("reticulate", recursive=FALSE)$package
Output c("BRACoD.R", "BrailleR", "CytOpT", "DALEXtra", "DesignCTPB", "DrDimont", "EEMDlstm", "EWSmethods", "FSDAM", "GeoMongo", "IGP", "LDNN", "MBMethPred", "MFSIS", "ML2Pvae", "MaOEA", "PAMpal", "PressPurt", "PsychWordVec", "RAthena", "RChest", "RGF", "RIA", "RISCA", "RPyGeo", "RcausalEGM", "Robyn", "Rstg", "SPOTMisc", "Seurat", "TSdeeplearning", "TheOpenAIR", "Trading", "XRPython", "ag5Tools", "aif360", "altair", "animl", "anndata", "autokeras", "azuremlsdk", "bbknnR", "botor", "caracas", "causalOT", "chess", "chromConverter", "cleanNLP", "clinspacy", "criticality", "deepredeff", "deepregression", "deeptrafo", "dgpsi", "digitalDLSorteR", "dimensionalAnalysis", "dynamicSDM", "edgebundle", "eseis", "fastai", "feamiR", "featuretoolsR", "forImage", "fuzzywuzzyR", "grafzahl", "greta", "h2o4gpu", "ip2location", "ip2proxy", "janus", "kerasR", "keras", "kerastuneR", "kgen", "leiden", "lilikoi", "mboxr", "meltt", "mglasso", "mhcnuggetsr", "mnda", "modeltime.gluonts", "motifr", "mxnorm", "neptune", "ngboostForecast", "nmslibR", "onnx", "otsad", "pharmr", "phateR", "processpredictR", "pyMTurkR", "pysd2r", "rMIDAS", "rTLsDeep", "rTorch", "rdaisi", "rdataretriever", "rescue", "reservoirnet", "reticulate", "rgee", "rgeedim", "rgeomstats", "rgudhi", "rpyANTs", "rpymat", "sarp.snowprofile.pyface", "scaffolder", "scapGNN", "sendigR", "", "sgmcmc", "shapper", "simulariatools", "sjSDM", "slendr", "smallsets", "snap", "spacyr", "sqlparseR", "stepmixr", "sudachir", "survivalSL", "tensorflow", "text", "tfaddons", "tfautograph", "tfdatasets", "tfdeploy", "tfestimators", "tfhub", "tfio", "tfprobability", "tfruns", "theft", "tidyrgee", "transforEmotion", "umap", "voice", "youtubecaption", "mixKernel", "SpatialDDLS", "basilisk", "cbpManager", "crisprScore", "CRISPRseek", "DeepPINCS", "DIAlignR", "GenProSeq", "Herper", "HiContacts", "idr2d", "MACSr", "MOFA2", "msImpute", "multicrispr", "netZooR", "phemd", "recountmethylation", "rGenomeTracks", "scPipe", "seqArchR", "snifter", "spatialDE", "VDJdive", "zellkonverter", "APL", "BiocHail", "BiocSklearn", "CelliD", "dasper", "densvis", "FLAMES", "HiCool", "scviR", "SimBu", "singleCellTK", "velociraptor", "BP4RNAseq")

Thanks for the reply @Gabor !

I guess I could have looked for the Reverse Dependencies section on CRAN - Package reticulate

As a complement, there's also R-universe power search, example.

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This looks like a really good alternative to searching for R packages on Github.

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