Searching for a shiny input widget

Looking for an input widget that will allow user to paste multiple values in to enter into a search query. Could do it via a text box, but would rather paste into a table?

Values would be put into an SQL query like:
sel *
from something
where value in (input1, input2, input3)

What input widget can I use to get multiple values from UI in shiny?

Hello @LJJ, I have a clarifying question, do you need the user to be able to specify any number of values or is there a hard maximum or fixed number of possible values?

The user could be entering any number of values. The value will always be a six digit number, but could be 5 of them or 100 of them! Each six digit number is an identifier in the table I'm querying

I have found the rhandsontable package which I think will fit the bill!