Search tips for examples of R software scripts on the Web

Normally when I want to look for examples or documents related to R software topics and narrow down the search with:
"... in r", "... in R", "with r", "using R"; I don't have much luck. The search is oriented to these topics:
r = radius
specified in R
with **R *** = 0.55
with r uniformly distributed in [0, 1]
with R = 1.0
with R-value
coordinates (r, φ)
Functions from Rn
the ring R
maps to. R '
field R.
Absolutely, almost, nothing with R software.
What would be the correct way to narrow down searches for R?

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Hi, and welcome.

The best tool is the rseek R specialized search engine; otherwise, I have best results with CRAN r as the first search term.

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