Search in help pane, can one specify package?

In the console I can do:


and jump to the right documentation in the help pane.

but if I type "tidyr::extract" into the help tab search I get no results ... (if I type "extract" I get millions of results). I think that would be a useful feature.

It would be cool to be able to specify search within tidyverse packages too (?tidyverse::extract doesn't work :slight_smile:

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+1 for this. I didn't know you could search in the console so cheers for that.

IMO it would also be great if package results were listed by alphabetical order across the whole pool rather than by user library then system library. Often enough one's looking for base function help and unfortunately base help is found 'somewhere roughly 7/8ths of the way down, usually', with no option to filter results or similar.

It's also notable that the number of results returned is high, seemingly returning everything with the term in the name (which is sensible; rbind -> data.table::rbindlist) but also fuzzy/close matches (broom::tidy.binDesign) and then stuff which seems completely unrelated (but might have these terms within the help; e1071::fclustIndex).

If it really does search within manpage body, it would be great to be able to restrict searches to titles. Often enough I know roughly what I'm doing and just want to quickly check the package to make sure, but lose time each time because of the search functionality. Ordering searches by relevance would be nice also.