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I think it would be great if we will have the option to search in the console -- that is, where we type all our commands and see their output. The history pane gives a great, timestamped search for the commands, but it does not allow you to search in the console for the results of these commands, and whether they succeed or not (many lines had wrong syntax, or produced the output you didn't expect, etc).
Maybe I'm missing something and it is already supported, but I looked for it and didn't find anything.

The closest feature request I find in the forum is the following: Feature request: search in build output , but it seems to a bit different, if I understand that post correctly. Thanks!


You can use Ctrl + Up while the console has focus to bring up a command history (matching against the current console input that's been typed in)

Thanks, I am aware of the history-based completion/choice in the command line, which is great and am using it regularly (I frequently use a basic command/statement that serves as the prefix of many more complicated and longer commands, so it is a really useful feature to me).
However, what I was asking for is searching the whole console including the output; The sequence of commands followed by their output, and very often I'm looking for a particular statement that generated an output with some information/data I care about, and would like to either look at the output, or the command that generated it --- especially if I cannot reproduce and see the same data again (e.g. see something else showing as if a problem was gone or introduce). So the sequence and output matters here. (The feature I refer to is similar to what you have when using a code editor like emacs both as the source editor and to run the the program (sometimes in a different tab/pane); another example are various shell terminals that you can search in (e.g. iTerm2)).
As an aside, w.r.t the history completion with Ctrl+Up: note that it is only based on the prefix search, not full content search, so it definitely happened to me that the same statement with only the difference that one started with parenthesis and the other didn't was not matched with this mechanism; I use the History pane though in case that I don't find the command that I want because the prefix is different, so the prefix only command search is still very useful, even without the partial command search. The main part that I lack is the ability to search the output, or more precisely the sequence of statements followed by their output.


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Gotcha. Would you mind filing this as a feature request at, so we don't lose track of these proposed enhancements?

Will do, thanks. Does the description above seems fine/appropriate to you?

On a separate note, I wrote this message a few months ago which was never addressed (no response): The content discusses option(s) tomchange the font size of the outline pane, and about a hack that I found how to temporarily deal with it but that it’s subideal hack: Can I control the outline pane font without an hack that modifies the corresponding element in the .GD15MCFCMDC class?
As you can see, the title that I chose is not a great one, but I wonder if you have anything to say on that. Thanks again.

Sorry for the late response -- yes, the above description appears appropriate.

Thanks :+1:

I admit I didn't get to it yet, but hope to catch up...

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