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I have a table where I want to search "GO:0003700" in more than one column (columns: GO1 to GO11). I want to have a table with all the lines where "GO:0003700" appears. So far my Markdown looks as follows, I can only search in one column at a time:

DEGs <- read_excel("DEG_allGenes.xlsx")



DEGs_GO <- DEGs[DEGs$GO1 %in% c("GO:0003700"),]

This is probably total easy, but since I am at the very beginning with R studio I would really appreaciate some help.

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Hi @LaraCanovai
Try with this code.

DEGs %>%
 filter(if_any(everything(), ~str_detect(tolower(.), "GO:0003700")))

Thank you, this works for me! I just had to deleat the GO: because of the headers, but that is totally fine. Thank you a lot!

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