SE of Weighted Proportions?

I'm trying to figure out how to get the standard error of weighted proportions from data in R. I have reproducible code below showing how I go about getting the sums of the weights (getting the proportions then becomes simple enough), but I'm not sure how to go onto the next step in a way that sits well in R code. Thanks for your help!

Data = data.frame(Country = sample(letters[1:3], 100, replace = T), 
                  Group = sample(LETTERS[24:26], 100, replace = T), 
                  Weight = rgeom(100,0.4)+1)

Wts = Data %>% group_by(Country, Group) %>% summarise(n = n(), weight = sum(Weight))

This may help.

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It does! Definitely makes me feel less crazy.

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