Scroll bars for global options dialog (suggestion)

Would it make sense to add a vertical scroll bar to the global options window? I installed 1.2.673 and when I launched it the fonts were huge. I opened the global options dialog to see if there was a setting I could change but the dialog was unusable -- I could only access the top 1/3 because of the font size.

I fixed the problem by deleting ~/.rstudio-desktop, but not everyone will know about this. So my suggestion is to make is possible to use the options dialog in situations where it is not all visible. Even if the issue can't be fixed by tinkering with options, it's frustrating to open the dialog and have it be unusable.

Not sure I follow.

If the global options box is too large, you can control the font size of RStudio via command+"-"/"+" / control+"-"/"+"

The current version of rstudio desktop and server is about 1.1.4xx, what is 1.2.673?

Sorry if I missed something. In terms of feature requests, the IDE team has a nice guide for suggesting enhancements.

1.2.673 is the development preview.

I wasn't aware of the keyboard shortcuts for font size or I would have tried them. I imagine they would have worked. The issue in this case is that had I even thought to look, it would have hard to discover them for the same reason it was hard to use the options dialog. (Of course, yes, I could have googled :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feature requests link, I hadn't seen that. With the ongoing evolution of the RStudio site I've lost track of what's where.

This would not be a high priority enhancement, but I thought it worth mentioning.

:man_facepalming: Sorry I missed that.