Scroll bar bug in R-studio 1.3.1093


I have been using Rstudio for a number of years now in my research and I really like it as an IDE for R development. I have, however, noticed a bug, at least since moving to Windows 10 that is quite disturbing in my work.

When using the scroll bar to, for instance, scroll to the bottom of a long file, if the left mouse button is release with the pointer outside of the window (commonly happens when scrolling to the bottom of a file as the pointer then resides over the start menu in windows) it will not release properly. The result of this is that when the mouse pointer is again passed over the scroll bar region the scroll bar immediately scrolls to that location in the file. I have lost count of how many times this has caused me to lose track of where in that file I was working and it has even at a few times caused me to erase large chunks of my code by mistake (easily rectified of course by Ctrl-Z, but a nuisance all the same). This is very disturbing as it will not release even when mouse-clicks are made elsewhere or even upon using the scroll bar in a different R-studio window. I can easily reproduce this every time I attempt it and as I am writing this have 3 different R-studio windows locked simultaneously in the same fashion.

To reproduce: Open any window either in the main IDE window or as a pop-out and scroll anywhere in a file, then move the mouse pointer outside the window before letting go of the left mouse button. The bug should now be present in that window and the only way to properly release it is to actually click the scroll bar.

I am on Windows 10 Educational 64-bit version 10.0.17134 Build 17134 and am using R-studio version 1.3.1093 with the "Modern" theme active.

Hope this is helpful!

All the best,
Kristian Pirttilä

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