script runs nearly 20 times slower in a different project!

I have a script residing in a project (with version control). It takes 110 seconds to run. If i copy the script into another project - also version controlled. It takes just 15 seconds. Now if i copy this into a new project (with no version control) it takes just 6 seconds. Why would this happen? Is git slowing things down?

I am not sure including code would help in this case.

I am running v1.2.1335 - windows 7 - 64 bit OS.

It is really difficult to help you with only those info. It could depend on your code, on you computer, on your OS, on many things.

The only reason I see for git to act when your project is running is if you are generating lots of file that are not in gitignore so not untracked. Git would see those, and IDE would try to update the git pane. It is a wild guess.

R process should not be impacted by git process anyhow. Unless you are short on memory or low performance with your hardware I guess.

Well that certainly would explain the reduction to 6 second (when run in a non version controlled project) since I am writing output files from model runs, so yes i am sure that is what is happening. Thanks

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