Script protection


I share one of my script with my colleagues, however, for quality assurance purposes, I would like to lock it to prevent any changes by mistake in the code. Do you have any idea how could I do this?


Assuming its a file on a common drive, use the operarting system to make it a read-only file

Thank you very much for your reply.
Yes, it's a file on a common drive. This option is very interesting. However, in Windows, anyone could unlock the file by doing the reverse procedure. Do you know if it is possible to forbid access to the "read-only" box to other users after applying your procedure ?

This is not necessarily true. Typically even a windows system has an admin or priority user that can set access permissions for all other users.
For example :
Network: Establishing Windows File and Folder Level Permissions | UW-Eau Claire (

Thank you for the link and your solution. I will contact our IT department to set the access permissions to these files/folders.

The access permissions have been defined by our IT department. Your solution met my expectations perfectly. Thanks again.

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