Script disappeared

Hi everyone.

I was working on a script when my laptop crashed. After restarting I tried to go back to my script and when I opened it it was in blank. I tried to open it in rstudio, r, rstudio cloud and nothing. Also, I tried opening it in a notepad and it appears to be in blank, although it apparently recognises that there are some characters (I can highlight some lines as if there was some text, but it is purely blank).

It happened to me in the past that I opened the script and it appeared to be in blank, but after closing and opening it again, it was there. Now I can't get it back.

I know there is still some information in the file, as the size is around 6 KB, I just don't know how to get it.

So far I downloaded the latest version of R, tried reopening it with UTF-8 encoding, but I haven't had any positive results.

Is there a way to recover my script?

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