Scraping a dashboard

I've been scraping the state of Texas Covid-19 website to get the daily numbers, but to my horror, they underwent a major refactoring this afternoon, and have migrated to a dashboard, I think using Arcgis. This has far exceeded my scraping skills. I hate to abandon my shiny app for lack of data, but I haven't been able to figure out how to scrape this new site. The new site is here. I have been playing with vest, but getting absolutely nowhere. Am I going to have to migrate to something like RSelenium?

I'd love to get a few suggestions on how to get the data off this one.

Never mind. It does look like I will have to use rselenium. And work out how to run it on a cron. But I managed to scrape the data. So ugly - instead of a nice, convenient table, it is a really long string I'll have to parse. Sigh.

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