SciPy package, keras cnn example

I am new to ML. Recently, I installed the keras package for R. I have been able to run the simple example given on the front page of Keras for R Keras for R | RStudio Blog

Now I am struggling with the cnn example

When it comes to the training , R console always reports that SciPy is missing and generates the following error message:

Error in py_call_impl(callable, dots$args, dots$keywords) :
ImportError: Image transformations require SciPy. Install SciPy...

Here in the cnn example code, the image_data_generator() function of keras package is called.

I'm pretty sure SciPy has been installed. To rectify the issue, I installed SciPy under Anaconda prompt several times and also installed SciPy from within R console by conda_install("scipy") by the reticulate package. But the problem still exists.

Any advice? Thanks. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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