Scheduling tasks with RStudio Cloud

Good afternoon, I have a problem. I would like to schedule tasks in Rstudio Cloud, I used the cronR plugin and it didn't work. Then I tried to install and program tasks with sudo but it asked me for the password for rstudio users and I don't know what it is. I tried to use my Rstudio Cloud account password but it doesn't work. Thank you and a greeting. does not allow users sudo access.
While you might be able to schedule cron jobs with cronR, they will only run while you actively have the project open.


Hi, I would really like to be able to schedule tasks as well. Will you add the functionality to allow this so scripts can run at certain times regardless of whether I am in a project.

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You can get that kind of functionality using a cloud computing service like, for example, Amazon Web Services, have in mind that RStudio Cloud is not meant to be a virtual server, it just provides an RStudio session.